The Sisterhood is a unique organisation in the U.K. for women of all backgrounds including reverts, born Muslims and non-Muslims. There are three core objectives of The Sisterhood:



We connect women with each other inviting them to our social events, religious events, various activities and monthly meetups. We also aim to strengthen the connections within the community so we can encourage interaction amongst the women of various faiths.



We offer education to all of our sisters, both Islamic and other life skills including Health, well being, crafts, languages, etc…

We also provide information of authentic Islamic educational courses that may be beneficial to the sisters.



We support our sisters in any way we can including socially, emotionally, financially and    logistically. Where we are not able, or not qualified to assist, we refer the sisters to an    organisation who can.
As you can see, The Sisterhood has a lot to offer and there is a great potential out there which The Sisterhood is willing to fulfil with the will of Allah the Almighty and we ask everyone one of you to remember us in your dua’s.